CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line

CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line



>  Automatic Glass Loading Table 
 Min. glass loading Size : 1500 *1500mm    
 Number of flip arms: Four arms per side
 Max. glass loading Size : 3660*2440mm    
 Number of single arm suckers: Four
 Glass sheet thickness: 3 ~ 19mm    
 Loading type: Double side loading(1+1)
 Working absorption depth: 700 mm    
 Installation power supply: AC380V/ 50HZ
 X-axis walking speed: 5-25m/min (adjustable)    
 Compressed air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa
 Y-axis walking speed: 8-12 m/min (adjustable)    
 Working table height: 900mm
 Conveying speed: 5-25m/min (adjustable)    
 Vacuum: -50-99 Kpa (adjustable according to glass thickness)


>  Automatic Shaped Glass Cutting Machine
 Max size:3660*2440mm        
 Cutting speed:0-180m/min
 Conveying speed:0-40m/min
 Cutting accuracy:±0.15    
 Cutter depth:0-20mm(adjustable)
 Cutting accuracy of special-shaped glass:±0.20    
 Machine height: 900mm


>  Glass Breaking Table
  Working table: Waterproof High Density Plate
 Table: Imported industrial felt (black)
  Breaking bar: solid wood (natural color)

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